Wheeling & Dealing


The Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic was founded by Dr. Dave to service the influx of people into the city during the counterculture movement in the 1960s. He offered substance abuse treatment, psychiatric, and medical care to anyone. The clinic has moved, but the original door is now proudly displayed in the new lobby. I’ve been going to this clinic since I first arrived in San Francisco, befriending the staff and feeling welcome each visit. One of the security guards offered to take this photo and I said it would be my holiday card. 

Merry Christmas, I get free healthcare! 

Love, Molly & her scootster ✌️

Although I don’t hide the fact that I’m a “recovered” addict, I don’t exactly advertise it. Except all over the Internet 😂 Just like I judge the passed out junkies in the street on my way here, I know people judge addicts, no matter what their circumstance. I have no interest in explaining myself to anyone, nor do I have to. I just want to be proud of myself, and dammit, I am ! ❤️ Before I moved to SF, I had 6 years of sobriety under my belt. I didn’t see my epic relapse coming, but that’s exactly why I still see an addiction counselor.  I’ve had good luck with addiction specialists. Maybe because they tend to be patient and understanding, dealing with the folks the rest of society doesn’t understand and is critical of. We rarely even talk about addiction, we talk about life and how to make good things happen. I leave feeling empowered and strong, knowing that I am actively contributing to my own well-being and sobriety. 

I’ve been to a lot of these clinics, in about 5 different cities, and what might surprise people is that it isn’t all homeless people, burnouts and archetypal addicts. It’s wealthy housewives, it’s little old ladies, it’s straight-A students, it’s people just like you. Addiction shouldn’t be shameful. And getting help for whatever ails you, that’s a strength not a weakness! Anyone who thinks any kind therapy is for the weak, I’m sure you know everything and are not at all judgmental- congratulations on being perfect.🏅 When the going gets tough, it’s tough not to reach for a substance. Anything to get me through. But like my mentor Paul used to say, that’s like taking an aspirin when there’s a rock in your shoe. Take the damn rock out.

Moral of the story:

I won’t be having any eggnog this Christmas. Not because there’s alcohol in it, because drinking eggs sounds gross 🥚 Cheers!🍻