pretty silly


I once read about a woman who never smiled because she didn’t want to get wrinkles or lines on her face. She said she has great skin. Congratulations lady, you can live pretty and die unhappy. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a face full of wrinkles and a perma-grin than a baby face and a lifetime of never doing the best fucking thing you can do with your face 😃

Thinking about it, it’s really not that different than when we choose not to go swimming because we don’t like how we look in a bathing suit or we’re embarrassed by our scars & stretchmarks. Or how we are so caught up in how others view us that we refuse to dance or sing or be silly. Or how we spend so much energy worrying about pleasing everyone else that we never fully realize what makes us happy. Or how we search so hard for the perfect partner that we never learn how to fall in love with ourselves. I’ve been guilty of all of these things. We sacrifice one thing for another, even when one of those things doesn’t serve us. 

So let’s all put on our teeny bikinis (or weird fitting mismatched ones) embrace our sexy ass imperfections and just enjoy the feeling of floating in the water. Let’s be the first ones on the dance floor and the worst ones at Karaoke. Let’s share our silly, bare our souls, take those risks, and be unafraid of what the mirrors of our peers are reflecting back to us. (Or rather, the fears of those mirrors, which are usually not at all what we think). And mostly, let’s smile the fuck out of our faces and wear these lines like a badge of honor at a life well lived, loved and laughed. ❤️ #nofilternecessarycauseimbeautifulasiam